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Looking for a gymnastic class in post code/zip code 8220 Brabrand?

We apologize our website is in danish, but stay with us just a short while and we will provide you with some basic information about navigation on our website.

Brabrand IF - Gymnastik offers affordable and high quality gymnastic classes for both children and adults.
Brabrand IF - Gymnastik is a local gymnastic club for everyone but the elite in the Brabrand area.
Our goal is to give you the ability to learn and train your skills, to exercise, get sweaty and have fun while doing your workout with others from the surrounding community.

We offer classes for all ages and abilities ranging from Parent-Toddlers to Seniors, classes with just males or females and also mixed classes. We teach classes on a weekly schedule - the same people and instructors meet the same day, time and place and enjoy sharing the same interest in gymnastics to become more coordinated, increase strength and improve balance and flexibility.

If you prefer a more flexible training schedule, then go to the Fitness Centers instead.

We can't offer a flexible training schedule as our concept is based on group fitness, but if you most weeks can manage same time table to achieve your fitness goal, and like to be greeted by the same instructor and fun group of people, then just show up to a class and try it for free once. If you liked it, you are most welcome to join us. Sign up for the class on our website.
Are you looking for opportunities for
  • Children – Take a look at this tab in the Top Menu: Børne & Ungehold
  • Adults –    Take a look at this tab in the Top Menu: Voksen-hold
Below each tab in the Top Menu you will find a translation of the used column names and a link to a map of the training locations.
Our schedule goes from September 1st  to the end of April (exact schedule end date depends on school holidays, exam period etc.)
If you decide to sign up for a class, you might need help from a Danish friend as you need to fill out an online form in Danish and pay with a Dankort (Dancard - no other credit cards are accepted). If you have questions, please ask your instructor for help or send an email to with your question, and we will be happy to help you.

The prices listed on our website is for the September through April schedule (if signing up after Christmas you only have to pay half price). We are happy to say that our gymnastic classes are attractive and can fill up rather quickly. Sign up for the class you wish to join. During the registration you will find out, if there is a vacant spot for you or get on the wait list. The sooner you get on the list, the higher your ranking will be. Signing up for schedule September 2015 through April 2016 is available from August 1st 2015.

If you sign up for more than one class, you will automatically get a 50% discount on the cheapest class, but the system can only recognize you as one person, so it's very important during registration, that you enter exactly the same personal details (this discount is on personal basis and there is no discount for "Fitness Selvtræning" and Summer Classes).
If you have a question you want to post, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to for more information (english mail is okay). As most local clubs in Denmark, we run the club with local volunteers, so please be patient when waiting for a response to your question, you might have to wait a little while.
Brabrand IF - Gymnastik
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